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Embedded thumbnail for Ultra-Thin Gold Films

Helena Stec

How can we make transparent gold electrodes and why?

Embedded thumbnail for Designing Dyes for Dye Cells

Nina Chadwick

Why are scientists designing new dyes for Dye-sensitised Solar Cells?

Embedded thumbnail for Diffusion in Dye Cells

Dan Staff

How are electrons moving inside an excitonic solar cell?

Embedded thumbnail for Electrolytes

Alice Jensen

Why do we need an electrolyte in a solar cell?

Embedded thumbnail for Molecule Effects on Quantum Dots

Gabriela Kissling

Nothing is simple so how can fundamental research help other scientists make more efficient solar cells?

Embedded thumbnail for Introduction to Quantum Dots

Laurie King

What are quantum dots and how can they be used in solar power?

Embedded thumbnail for Copper Dyes

Christina Chang

How are electrons moving inside an excitonic solar cell?

Embedded thumbnail for Coloured Semiconductors

Prof. Neil Robertson

How can we make a white semiconductor absorb visible light from the sun?

Embedded thumbnail for  Using Plastic in Solar Cells

Bruno Ehrler

Find out about plastics that can conduct electricity and be made into inks to print solar cells.

Embedded thumbnail for Solar Thermal Technology

Dr Tadhg O’Donovan

What is solar thermal technology and how can it be used to generate electricity?

Embedded thumbnail for SISER

Dr Anne-Marie Fuller

Find out about SISER – the pan-university alliance of solar energy researchers across 11 Scottish research centres.

Embedded thumbnail for Solar-Powered Water Purification Systems

Amanda Hughes

How could solar energy help provide clean drinking water to people in developing countries and disaster relief zones?

Embedded thumbnail for SUPERGEN SuperSolar Hub

Prof Mike Walls

The Supergen SuperSolar Hub is an exciting 5 year project that will see the creation of the UK’s first standards lab for solar cells, a research programme that aims to improve the efficiency of next generation photovoltaic devices.

Embedded thumbnail for Sprayed Solar Cells

Dr Jake Bowers

How can a spraying technique carried out at atmospheric conditions result in cheaper solar cells?

Embedded thumbnail for Center for Solar Energy Research

Dr Rachael Rowlands-Jones

Dr Rachael Rowlands-Jones introduces us to the Centre for Solar Energy Research (CSER), a research facility at Glyndŵr University in North Wales, and how they manufacture cadmium telluride thin film solar cells.

Embedded thumbnail for Thin Film Solar Cells

Thin film solar cells, e.g. cadmium telluride solar cells, are a cheaper alternative to traditional silicon solar cells. They use much less material and so are easier and cheaper to manufacture. Dr Rachael Rowlands-Jones from the Centre for Solar Energy Research (CSER) talks about the properties of thin film cells and how they can be manufactured.