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Solar Impact

Already, solar energy is making a big impact in the world. More solar panels are being installed across the UK and the world every year, thanks both to advances in technology which have brought down the costs and to government schemes which result in more people being able to afford them.

In the United Kingdom, solar makes up a part of the power generation that feeds the national grid. The University of Sheffield has developed a useful site from which you can see in real-time the power generation from solar cells in the UK, and compare this with other forms of power generation.

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The huge amount of research that is being carried out in solar power all over the world means that this kind of renewable energy is set to make an even bigger impact in the future. We’ll be seeing new kinds of solar technology become readily available and improvements in technology already out there. To see some of the great developments in solar energy in Africa, have a look at the ANSOLE website.

Can you imagine having not having access to electricity in your home? In the UK, solar energy allows us to move from using electricity generated from fossil fuels to electricity generated from a clean, sustainable source. But for many people in developing countries, solar energy could mean the difference between not having any electricity at all and having safe and cheap electricity readily available.